Travel Health

Travelling overseas?

Whether you are heading overseas for business or pleasure it is recommended that you have a Travel Health consultation in advance.

To ensure you and your family have a safe and healthy trip we can advise on the health risks for your destination and provide the appropriate vaccinations and medication. We offer a full range of travel vaccinations, and administer the yellow fever vaccine.

Travel Health consultations require a longer appointment to ensure your health and travel requirements are met, so remember to inform our reception staff that you require a Travel Health appointment.

When to see your doctor?

All travellers should visit their doctor at least 6 weeks before travel, if they feel vaccinations may be required.

Please ensure that you make an appointment with your doctor well in advance as some vaccinations are required to be given over a specific time frame and completed within a certain timeframe before departure.

What to bring to your appointment

  • Previous immunisation records
  • Travel Itinerary


Travel Health consultations are privately billed with Medicare rebates available apart from the cost of vaccines and payable on the day of consult.

Private Fee: applies to all patients over 16 years of age and all patients who do not hold a Health Care card

  • Standard Consultation $130.30 (out of pocket $60.00) plus vaccines
  • Longer Consultation     $163.50 (out of pocket $60.00) plus vaccines

Discounted fee: applies to patients under 16 years of age and all patients who hold a Health Care card

  • Standard Consultation $110.30 (out of pocket $40.00) plus vaccines
  • Longer Consultation    $143.50 (out of pocket $40.00) plus vaccines

The above fees apply to appointments 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. For information on fees for after-hours Travel Health appointments please contact us directly on 9481 1214.

Discounted fees available for families who are seen together.

For more information make an appointment to speak to your GP.

Please note, online appointments are not available for Travel Health. For an appointment please call 9481 1214 and speak with our reception staff who will be able to assist you.

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