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Shared Care in Pregnancy


One option offered by Doctors of Northcote for care throughout your pregnancy is shared care. This involves joint care from both your registered shared care provider GP at Doctors of Northcote and your hospital, including the Royal Women’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women.

Whilst there are a few checks at the hospital, most of your antenatal appointments will be performed at our rooms.

The benefits of a shared care pregnancy

Many women like shared care because it means you can receive most of your maternity care from your GP who you are familiar with and who generally works close to your home or workplace.

It also means that the same GP who has cared for you during the pregnancy can continue to care for you and your baby in the weeks and months after birth.

Your GP is also trained to deal with other relevant issues, such as monitoring your mental health during pregnancy and in the postnatal period, and the provision of contraception.

Research shows that having a known career during pregnancy results in less hospital admissions, less interventions for labour and birth, higher breast feeding rates, and women being more satisfied with their childbearing experience.

Making a shared care arrangement

The following doctors are qualified to provide shared care:

Dr Sybil Borthwick
Dr Derek Buckley
Dr Christabel Crompton
Dr Kirstin Jennings
Dr Sara Rayner

All shared care GP consults are eligible for a Medicare rebate. If you are interested in shared care during your pregnancy please contact our reception staff who will be able to assist you.

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