Pregnancy planning

Planning for a baby is an exciting time.  From conception advice through to pregnancy management, Doctors of Northcote is there for you every step of the way.

A pre-conception visit is a vital step in preparing for a successful pregnancy.  This involves optimising your health before trying to conceive and discussion regarding pregnancy supplements and screening blood tests.

Once you fall pregnant, several of our GPs specialise in Shared Care which is a popular option for low-risk pregnancy care.

Shared care involves: 

  • Seeing a regular Doctors of Northcote GP for most of the pregnancy check-ups at flexible appointment times, including after hours and weekends.
  • Screening blood tests, ultrasounds and routine vaccinations.
  • Some antenatal visits and the baby’s birth will happen at your local maternity hospital.
  • Ongoing care after the birth and beyond for you and baby with your regular GP.
  • Routine childhood vaccines are offered with our experienced nurses.

We can also help with fertility investigation and specialist referral if needed.

Take the first step by contacting Doctors of Northcote for an appointment with one of our shared care doctors or book online.

Our shared care doctors: