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Dr Rasika Amarasekera


Ras is an experienced British GP with a keen interest in lifestyle & integrative medicine.

He has a strong interest in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, age care, dermatology, ophthalmology, paediatrics and mental health.

Before moving to Melbourne in 2013, Ras spent ten years in hospitals around London, Auckland, and Christchurch, covering many specialties before completing his GP training in NZ.

He spent his elective in Rio De Janeiro, working in local and rural hospitals. He has travelled extensively and understands Sinhalese, Czech and some Brazilian Portuguese.

Ras can offer both mainstream management and a holistic approach to medicine, employing his special interests in both plant-based and vegan diets and his study of mindfulness.

Ras regularly attends domestic and international conferences to keep up-to-date with the latest medical developments and trends. He is also trained in the Demartini Method which assists patients with mental health and personal development.

In his spare time, Ras enjoys watching soccer and cricket, researching personal development, cosmology, anthropology, Asian arts and Greek & Egyptian history. He also enjoys listening to Latin and Asian music.

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