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Is Your Asthma Management Plan Up To Date?

As the seasons change and the days get cooler, now is the time to ensure your asthma management plan is up to date.

Asthma is a year round condition but it is often exacerbated by cold weather.

Effective asthma control requires:

•    Appropriate inhalers and sometimes medication
•    Appropriate use of those inhalers (90% of those using inhalers fail to use them effectively)
•    An appropriate asthma management plan discussed with your doctor annually
•    An emergency plan should you have an acute, severe episode

Your doctor can discuss your asthma plan, advise on inhalers and appropriate use and ensure that you understand when to be concerned.

Doctors of Northcote can provide asthma plans required by schools, childcares and kindergartens for children who require an inhaler for asthma.

To review your asthma plan, book an appointment online or call our reception team on 9481 1214

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